1. Meet the Team: Nick Jirasek

    Nick throws down. He is an authority on all things culinary and is continuously experimenting with new ideas.  Book in advance to hang, cause this boy’s schedule fills up quick.  Be sure to check out his catering company!

    Mini Q&A with Jirasek:

    Pick it! Pen or Pencil?


    Favorite cut of meat?

    Paleron. Shoulder cut of beef also called chicken steak but it’s beef.  It’s really lean and you can handle it like a brisket.

    What music do you listen to in the kitchen?

    Deer Hunter

    Chin Up Chin Up

    Queens of the Stone Age

    System of a Down

    Fav line on the el?

    Blue line. I use to take the train a lot. I feel focused on the el, take it all the way down to the airport and back. I would read and do homework, the Blue line library.

    What television character would you dine with?

    Charlie Day-Always Sunday in Philadelphia

    Come hang out with Nick and the rest of the Tuesday Night Dinner crew at July’s TND.